a hidden paradise

back in august i went on vacations to the southwest coast of portugal! that side of the country is known for the glorious beaches and delicious food! though it has been a well-known part since some summer festivals started to happen there, i just started going there back in 2010. first on a new year’s eve, which was both good and depressing (just for the lack of things to do on a cold winter week with only beaches to visit, shorter days and not much to do while waiting for dinner time, in was eager to get back to lisbon!). then i went back during summer for a few days and this year i went back again!

i was happy to drive alone to meet my boyfriend who was already there and, packed with all my cameras, i stopped in every interesting place i would put my eyes on. it was so relaxing and such a good experience! so to start i drove to portinho da arrábida, which people had told me that was paradise. this place is merely 50km from lisbon and i didn’t know about it. yes people would say that it was gorgeous, but i wasn’t expecting this… this was heaven!

Portinho da Arrábida in film by Twiggs PhotographyPortinho da Arrábida in film by Twiggs PhotographyPortinho da Arrábida in film by Twiggs Photography

do you know when you arrive at such a beautiful place you just want to either embrace everything or take pictures of every single detail?? i was feeling like that! this was so peaceful, you couldn’t hear a sound, as there were no waves and there is a whole mountain on your back, which makes this even more beautiful. i had to go back through the mountain and the sight to the ocean was really breathtaking!

though i love winter and cold weather, so that i can stay inside on my cozy home, drinking hot tea with cookies, watching a good movie, or just feel warm inside while is raining outside, this makes me miss summer days and this day in particular! and yes, summer light is gorgeous!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak portra 160

ps. i have 5 120mm rolls of film waiting to get developed! but it happens to be so expensive, that i’m just waiting for the right moment. you know the feeling, don’t you?



what is your favourite season to take photos? some say spring and summer are the best, others swear by their cameras, fall and winter are magical. what do you think? i love the mid-seasons, fall and spring and i feel come comfort when winter arrives. as i feel some relief when summer arrives as well, but i may get tired of summer faster than i get tired of winter. it took me around 30 years to get that! have a lovely summer day!

ps. i absolutely love that slight flare on the seagulls photo… i imagine this printed in a huge size over a white bed! wouldn’t this be so soothing?

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak gold 400