self-portrait (attempt #1)

yap, didn’t go that well! now when i got my first DSLR i was “shocked” at the difficulty i was having in getting a decent self-portrait. now i had no remote control, just a lousy tripod and i was having a major hard time in getting something focused that served as a reference so that i could turn on the self-timer and take a decent shot.

see those were my problems with a digital! was i prepared for the problems i would have with a film camera? no way! on film, a selfie is way much harder, unless you’re doing it to a mirror! there’s no preview. so this was attempt #1. yes, i kept on trying! more to come! maybe one day i’ll get a good one… or not!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak portra 160



hello there!

it was a year ago… i asked mr twiggs to take this as i had everything ready on the camera! but back then i didn’t quite get much about apertures and speed, so it’s just a photo of me in alfama, lisbon! i really liked that yellow necklace, until our dog placed his paw on it and broke it. back then i used a different photo lab to develop and scan the images and now that i have seen so much about portra film, i think that when they scanned this film, they made it look a bit like portra. soft colours, low contrast… i like it very much! or i should try this simple kodak gold again!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak gold 200