a house with a view

View over the balcony to a church at the end of day in Lisbon by Twiggs Photography

we have moved to a new home a month ago and now we no longer have this view, which provided gorgeous sunset views over that church. now we live closer to that church, in the same street to be exact, and we live in the ground-floor, so no such view, but we do have a bigger house and a backyard, bonus points for that! oh and fruit trees on the backyard! yay! i will miss this view though, it was so beautiful and dreamy some times.

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak portra 160



on a summer day after a maternity shoot

it was back in july and the sky was glorious as expected! i went to the beach right in the morning for a maternity photo session (you should really see the session because it was gorgeous!), and after it i headed down to another beach for some photos with my yashica! just a few random photos of the seaside and beach flora.

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and yes, i just tried the slideshow feature on the blog! i’m not sure if i like it, but i just wanted to give it a try! have a nice weekend!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak portra 160

where did time go?

well, apparently just like everywhere else, time also flies around here! and since last time i was on this place so much has happened! i have not been a nice blogger around here! but maybe this month i’ll behave well! promises! promises! so, what have you been up to? i have developed another roll of my summer vacations and wondering days around lisbon and i absolutely loved the results! the light was gorgeous and the film also helped a little bit, since i used kodak portra 160.

Where my feet wander projectBelem garden in Lisbon, captured in FilmHouse covered in Ivy in Lisbon, captured in FilmLisbon light and alleys with typical lamps captured in Filmpink flowers falling from a pink wall captured in filmGreen plant falling from a wall in Lisbon captured in Film

so i will be back with more! and in the meantime, do you want to say hello on my other blog? i shared some film photos today on my simple things feature!

october, really?

Lisbon in Film - Yashica TL Electro X // Twiggs Photography

they should definitely let us know when we’re kids, that as time goes by, it also goes by really really fast! i cannot believe that we’re almost reaching christmas! there are three months left to the end of the year… last year we were jumping of excitement about our christmas and new year’s, because we had booked ourselves a flight for three weeks in new york! and to think that it’s that time of the year right on the corner?! whow!

and now to talk about this picture… do you get that effect on the upper left corner of the image with your cameras? sometimes i do and with both, digital and film. it’s about the sun, i get that, but i wonder what causes the straight line? when i really love some picture i end up cropping it to get rid of that “not awesome” detail! clues?

Lisbon - Film Photography - Yashica TL Electro X // Twiggs Photography

and lisbon in summer can be so beautiful…. love the bougainvilleas! have i ever mentioned i have one? not this big, of course, but still, it’s this colour!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak portra 160

nice pastel colours

Portugal Lisbon - Film Photography // Twiggs PhotographyPortugal Lisbon - Film Photography // Twiggs Photography

on the day i took a trip to the botanical garden. yes, i do that all the time! and as i was walking to it, i kept finding these nice details in some old buildings in lisbon. loved the light colours, the pastel hues… and rich details, such as this door on the left! right after it, i found this car, which has nothing to do with pastel colours, but i absolutely loved it! how cool is this car?

Fiat 595 - Film Photography - Yashica TL Electro X // Twiggs Photography

can i have it, please? yes? good!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak portra 160


hello twiggs

Facebook Hello Twiggs - Film Photography - Yashica TL Electro X // Twiggs Photography

i am and if you remember all the news back two weeks ago, i had a brand new facebook page! so are you in or are you out? i created a whole new brand called hello twiggs, so that i could have all my creative work under one roof – lifestyle photography, graphic and web-design. you can see my portfolio here, if you care about any of these topics!

join me on that new online home, as i’m usually there all day long sharing nice images, cool news and inspirational snippets! see you there!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak portra 160


thousands of post-its

yes, thousands… with requests from people all over lisbon! i’m really proud of such creative ideas!

MUDE Lisboa - Lomography // Twiggs PhotographyMUDE Lisboa - Lomography // Twiggs Photography

oh and yes, this was from that expired roll i bought on ebay. which i found out later, thanks to sara, i realized that i had my holga set on bulb the whole time, hence the blurry images. it was not about the expired film after all, but that small button, that must have changed its place inside my handbag!

so the idea about this wall of post-its? first these are really post-its! thousands of them written by people living in lisbon with ideas for the city. i’m not really sure what they did with the post-its, but it would be nice if they had did something cool, like a book or a website! and of course, it would be super cool, if they did something about those ideas!

Lisboa - Lomography // Twiggs Photography

and this last building is just next to this one in lisbon and i find it really pretty! so i thought you would also appreciate a pretty building!

camera: holga 120cfn
film: fujifilm nph 400 (expired in 2006)