what do you do for a living?
well, i graduated in psychology, worked a few years in a corporate environment in a consulting firm, but felt really uncomfortable there, so as soon as i got the chance i started living a much more creative life, dedicating my time in building a photography business called twiggs photography. so, right now, i’m a lifestyle photographer + blogger + occasional web-designer!


do you shoot film professionally?
so far, i haven’t done so. i may have a few requests regarding film, but digital is the main request from clients. however i want to add more and more a film as an option to my services.


what film cameras do you have?
so far, only two – an holga 120cfn + a yashica tl electro x. one takes 120mm film and the other one takes 35mm. i love each of them in their specific character! and i’m certain i’ll be adding more film cameras to the family!


what kind of cameras would you like to have?
i’m putting my eyes on a pentax k1000 or a canon ae-1, one day maybe an hasselblad and a contax. one day… if you know what i mean! and i would love to have a polaroid sx70 and a lubitel 166! yes, this might resume my wishlist!


can i use your photos to talk about your work?
yes, you can, as long as you write my name on it (twiggs photography) and link to this page. and if you want to an extra sweet-heart, drop me a line sharing a link with me! that would be awesome! note that if you use my images, please do not crop, edit in any way, nor write on my images.


can i use your photos for other purposes?
sorry, but you cannot use any photo of mine for any other reason, other than talking about this blog or my work. this said, it means you cannot take any image for header designs, collages, unrelated post illustrating, facebook, etc. all the images on this blog are protected by copyright.


where do you develop your films?
on a professional photo lab here in lisbon, that i use for everything photography related. i always ask them to scan the film to a cd to me, and occasionally i’ll ask for some prints as well!


where do you buy your films?
either on this same photo lab, or sometimes i’ll order from ebay, though i usually visit ebay  for expired film shopping!


do you do any post-processing on your film images?
though i love lightroom and photoshop for editing my digital work, on film i don’t make any changes other than some cropping due to a wonky angle, for example. i see film as something i shouldn’t change.


do you sell your photos as prints?
i used to have an etsy shop dedicated to my lomographic and film work, but i decided to shut it down, as i cannot handle it all, and i wasn’t paying enough attention to that shopl. which doesn’t mean that if you wish for a particular print from my film work, it can’t be done! just send me an email and i’ll tell you all the details!


can i send you some questions for an interview on my blog?
sure, be my guest! drop me a line to hello(at)aplacefortwiggs.com and let me know what you want me to answer!


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