flowers in lisbon

i walk my dog three times a day and one of those times is during the afternoon for a long 45-1h walk. sometimes more, sometimes less, according to the time i have and the weather itself. during summer i tend to have longer walks i guess, though it’s hotter and makes no sense on a first analysis, but i think it’s more pleasant to take walks on a sunny day, rather on a rainy or cloudy day.

this happens to be one of my favourite houses, just for this gate and these flowers! how beautiful are these colours together?! most of the times there’s someone in the garden sitting, so i passed by this house several times before i had the luck of passing by with no one there! i don’t have the guts to just ask or take a picture without asking. i always feel that people will feel strange to look at me taking a picture of their house, though it’s for such a beautiful reason – it’s a beautiful house.

ok, so this you might not understand but this picture above was one of my favourite pictures of the entire summer roll! i loved the colours and soft shades, and the way sun reflected on the white base and spread the light to these vases. and the fact that these were cactus also helped for the desert feeling! i have no idea where i took this photo, but i think it was here in lisbon. maybe yes, maybe not, who knows?

oh bougainvilleas, got to love these in so many colours falling on these walls… i have one myself on my backyard, but it’s still tiny. maybe one day i’ll have photos from it a lot more glorious like these!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak portra 160

ps. i will try to adjust the exposure on my photos too next time, i always adjust for slight overexposure, but with all the sun it gets too much! oh and i have a b/w roll to pick up from the lab, which i’m so eager to get!


the world through a plastic lens

holgas are made of plastic, ok? the whole thing is plastic and even when you press the shutter, it seems almost like if you’re faking it. the noise is kind of empty, like if there was nothing inside and no image whatsoever was being captured. but it is, and i think that is one of the good things. it seems so less¬†pretentious than all the other digital fancy cameras. people may even think that your playing with a toy camera! oh wait, this is a toy camera!

but then you develop your film and kind of fall in love with the results. and i’m not sure how it works with you, but sometimes this isn’t love at first sight. i need to take some time, before looking again to the pictures and then loves starts to be felt. lomography is not only about not caring whether something good will come out or not, you may produce something really pretty… and magical. ¬†and i always like to see my work as such.

camera: holga 120cfn
film: lomography 120mm colour negative