about twiggs

my name is claudia, and i’m a full-time many things, being photographer the main one! i live in lisbon, on an old quarter of the city. i love sunny days, and i’m that lucky, because in lisbon we have mainly those! asides from being a lifestyle photographer, i’m also a blogger and we could say web-designer, as i’ve done it a few times for other gorgeous people out there!

this place is exclusively dedicated to film photography, my adventures and my conquests… so if you are into this beautiful world, come on and ride with me!

you can also drop me a line through hello(at)aplacefortwiggs.com, i cannot wait to hear from you! in any case, you can read these first, just in case you’re wondering something i already answered!


7 thoughts on “about twiggs

  1. Hi claudia! I’m jollene, 18, from the Philippines. My boyfriednd and I is planning to make our blogsite and I would like to ask If I could feature/put your page on my blog since It’s all about film too :) hoping for a reply. Thank you. glad to say I’mnow a fan of yours :)))

  2. Hi Claudia, my name is Eric! I have the same passion for film photography. I want to make a blog like this, I love yours!
    Cheers from New Mexico!
    Heres a film blog I was working on for awhile analogscenes.blogspot.com

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