about this blog

first i must confess that when i started this blog, i sure thought that this would be much easier. i thought that i would find the time to post a lot more than i ended up having. the thing is that i’m not that good when it comes to time-management (though i try so hard) and yet i believe that i have gotten so much better in these last years. i’ve worked in high-pressure environments and after that when i started working by myself, building my own business, i always felt the pressure to make it work fast, because of well… money issues. bills need to be paid and food must be on the table, so that pressure was always there.

Lisbon Belém Garden Monastery, Film Photography by Twiggs Photography

but though i think i improved myself a lot when it comes to organization, i still find it extremely hard to just do everything i want to do. a lot of people suffer from the same, i get that. and as many would say, the fact that we can do something, is not enough reason to do it. but i honestly want to do this. i want to have a place which is fully dedicated to film photography, because on my main blog i don’t find the place to do it. i honestly don’t think my other blog readers are interested in this topic, well a few will be, but not the majority!

Lisbon Garden on Film, Kodak Portra 160 by Twiggs Photography

sometimes i don’t know what to post, i want to post everything because the last roll was awesome. or i want to just talk about my experiences with some camera or some roll of film. but though i’m not complaining, i’m not even sure someone is actually reading. oh this is so lame, this feels so much that i’m complaining and wining. and i might even put this post to trash before hitting publish, but let’s hope not, because all this has been coming out from my fingers at light speed.

and i have so many nice pictures to share with you. now that i look at my last roll it was really amazing! the light, oh the light in lisbon is a kick-ass light! forgive me all of you who don’t live here or believe that your city has awesome light, but light on this city?! kicks some ass!

Feet on Film with Kodak Portra 160

but of course i will keep posting to this blog, as this is a place that is very dear to me, though in the meantime i will self-host this, because the limitations of a self-hosted wordpress blog are driving my nuts! if you know me, you know that i love to change things around and having the same look for months now, with such lack of choices is not for me. have a nice evening and weekend folks!


5 thoughts on “about this blog

  1. I haven’t been here in ages. I think this particular blog is a treasure and I love what you do with it. I still haven’t gotten my film camera cleaned. XD But! Coming here always reminds me what I’m missing out on. Just need to take that first step!

    • oh saturine, thank you so much for your comment! yes, you should definitely have your film camera cleaned! how about that for a new year’s eve resolution??? though i might just say that 1) it’s frustrating in the beginning, because you might not understand what you’re doing and why you’re getting those results and 2) it might get addictive after that first moment! ;) my words of advice? GO FOR IT!

  2. I know the feeling. My rule of thumb is to post what feels right. What feels like “me”. And not to post just for new content. I post when I have something genuine to share. And I love this blog, by the way!

  3. what makes this place so special is that you are blogging here for the love of film! It isn’t for promotion or business related but just from the heart, sharing your passion and your images. I often have no words, but leave the photographs speak for themselves!

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