where did time go?

well, apparently just like everywhere else, time also flies around here! and since last time i was on this place so much has happened! i have not been a nice blogger around here! but maybe this month i’ll behave well! promises! promises! so, what have you been up to? i have developed another roll of my summer vacations and wondering days around lisbon and i absolutely loved the results! the light was gorgeous and the film also helped a little bit, since i used kodak portra 160.

Where my feet wander projectBelem garden in Lisbon, captured in FilmHouse covered in Ivy in Lisbon, captured in FilmLisbon light and alleys with typical lamps captured in Filmpink flowers falling from a pink wall captured in filmGreen plant falling from a wall in Lisbon captured in Film

so i will be back with more! and in the meantime, do you want to say hello on my other blog? i shared some film photos today on my simple things feature!


One thought on “where did time go?

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