thousands of post-its

yes, thousands… with requests from people all over lisbon! i’m really proud of such creative ideas!

MUDE Lisboa - Lomography // Twiggs PhotographyMUDE Lisboa - Lomography // Twiggs Photography

oh and yes, this was from that expired roll i bought on ebay. which i found out later, thanks to sara, i realized that i had my holga set on bulb the whole time, hence the blurry images. it was not about the expired film after all, but that small button, that must have changed its place inside my handbag!

so the idea about this wall of post-its? first these are really post-its! thousands of them written by people living in lisbon with ideas for the city. i’m not really sure what they did with the post-its, but it would be nice if they had did something cool, like a book or a website! and of course, it would be super cool, if they did something about those ideas!

Lisboa - Lomography // Twiggs Photography

and this last building is just next to this one in lisbon and i find it really pretty! so i thought you would also appreciate a pretty building!

camera: holga 120cfn
film: fujifilm nph 400 (expired in 2006)



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