this yellow car

Yellow Mini Car - Film Photography // Twiggs Photography

for those who have been reading this blog and my other one knows that i have a dog. and if there is one good thing about having a dog and working from home is the mandatory breaks during the day to walk the dog. mr kobe is walked three times a day, being the first and last just a 10 minute walk, but the middle one is a large one hour walk.

i try to choose nice neighbourhoods to walk with him, and this one is one of my favourites. instead of being crowded with tall buildings, looking like boxes and filled with dozens of apartments, this neighbourhood is made of rows of family houses with gardens, backyards and their own dogs! it feels good to walk through it, because it’s quiet, calm and beautiful. i get the chance of taking pictures to flowers and cute gates, mr kobe has a friend on one of the houses and there is this yellow car, always parked in this same spot. i love it. i wish i could own a car like this! would be so happy inside my tiny car! do you like these cars? or any other old vehicle?

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak ektar 100


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