it’s still summer in lisbon

of course, how could not be? i’m really tired of it, but at least we’re already having crispier mornings and evenings, which feels really good.

Lisbon - Film Photography - Yashica TL Electro X - Twiggs Photography

if you’re recognizing this picture, well, this was the version #2 of a roll i had already developed and asked the lab to review their settings as something was wrong. remember my drama about every roll looking the same? yes, so they did their work again on about 3 or 4 rolls, without any extra costs (bonus points for them, a lot of bonus points!) and this is how it looks now and this is how it looked before! it’s colder now, which is not quite the light in lisbon, but i prefer it this way. as it’s also lighter and architecture in lisbon is lighter, mainly white, it’s closer to the original landscape.

i was wondering the other day who were my readers and as i’m talking about lisbon… i wonder where are you from?

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak ektar 100



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