i will miss this light

Interiors - Film Photography - Yashica Tl Electro X // Twiggs PhotographyInteriors - Film Photography - Yashica Tl Electro X // Twiggs Photography

when we decided we were going to move a lot happened in just a few days. we were excited as we could be, we told our landlady that we were moving out and then she decided to makes us respect the contract where it says we need to give a 4 month warning, before moving. which is actually quite ridiculous. i understand they need to protect themselves, but 4 months? i know i signed that on the contract, but i’ve been living here for almost 5 years, always paid everything on time and now she wants 4 months? we thought “that’s ok, it’s gonna be easy to find someone to rent this house, let’s start spreading the word!”.

and then a few days went by and we expected a lot more requests for the house than actually received. but 5 days later a couple came to see the house and 10 minutes later they were calling to let us know they would make an offer to the agency! yay! we signed the contract for our new home and we’re just waiting for the call to start moving filling the boxes with what we have… i sense a small nightmare, but it’s for a good cause!

and of course, though the other house is bigger, has way much square meters than our tiny home, i don’t think it will have this beautiful light coming inside every single day. i’ll miss this light!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak ektar 100


4 thoughts on “i will miss this light

    • oh yes my friend, i will and i think i already found a pretty light!! but right now everything still seems a bit away from their place. moving from a tiny place to a much bigger house does that, a lot of empty space and the furniture kind of floats around! ;)

    • oh antonella, i’m just so happy to be in my new house now!!! everything went smoothly, though it was such a hard work! and my back was killing me for a while! but i must say this house is much more spacious than the other, has nice corners, high ceilings, beautiful floor, huge windows on the living-room, a nice backyeard, fruit trees… but yes, the light is different. as we are in the ground floor we don’t have as much sun as we used to have on the first floor and no high buildings around! but why would i complain now? ;)

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