have a nice monday

hey there, long time no see, right? yes, i’ve been a busy lady and yet i’ve been shooting so much film, but as film is actually quite expensive to develop (mainly the 120mm film), i’ve been postponing that for ages. i have 7 rolls waiting for me to drop them on the lab, but you know… i’m a bit scared of the bill to pay for all this! so for now, the news and just a pretty image wishing you a nice monday ok?

Yashica TL Electro X - Film Photography - Flower Photography - Twiggs Photography

– i’ve reopened my redesigned blog;
– i worked on a rebranding process for the last month and launched a brand new portfolio website, with a new brand and logo;
– both etsy shops opened again;
design shop on society6 is filled with new goodies;
– there’s a new facebook page;
– and… we’re moving to a new bigger house on the same neighbourhood (double bonus)!

so, what have you been up to lately? have you been shooting around like maniacs?


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