once during summer

back when i had little clue about what i was doing with my holga! still the first one is one of my favourites! this happens to be pretty common among some photographers, some of our favourite pictures are some of those taken in the very beginning, when we were clueless. which only means that being a good photographer has nothing to do with equipment, but with your eyes and heart!

do you want to share your favourite (or one of your favourites) picture with me? leave a link to it, so that i can take a look! have a great monday!

camera: holga 120cfn
film: lomography color negative 100


6 thoughts on “once during summer

  1. I do love this blog! Claudia, I so admire your work!
    I took some pictures during my “days-off” (aka, vacation days)… you can visit some of my photos here: http://ginafosgrafis.blogspot.com
    Please be honest and tell me what you think!

    P.S.: I hold a Holga but I’m a total mess working with it! But I still love her :)

    • oh gina, i completely missed this! i saw it in the day you left the comment but then time slipped through my fingers just like that! well, i think that no matter what i think, you just need to practice and look for your style, what you love to shoot and practice, practice, practice! we never stop learning! and yes, the holga was a hard one! still is, but i do love it that way! the same with the yashica! we never know, but that’s the nice part! as for the holga, do what i did, to at least start to understand a little bit of that girl – take notes!

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