my father

i always had this great relationship with my father, even if during most of the years i lived with my parents, his job kept him away from home four days a week. i loved to chat with him, though i think he always got lost in details and had this tremendous difficulty in going straight to the point and was not that fast speaker, i told him about the first time i drank alcohol, got drunk and sick, all in the same time (new year’s!) and he laughed at me, i remember him coming home from the grocery shopping with my mom and he was lifting a tricycle over his head for me, until today the smell of raw wood from carpenter’s shops is really familiar to me, because he worked as a sales man in that field and i would go with him on his visits when i was off school… and i remember him holding me and pointing me at the waves when i was little, without letting me go and i would cry the whole time. it’s amazing how on earth i like water, i like to swim and i love my father, after this! and this is a photo i took two years ago on my hometown while we were taking a walk.

he had a few light strokes in these last years, lost a lot of his memory and some capabilities began to deteriorate, this year he was diagnosed with alzheimer’s. it’s heartbreaking and at the same time, after all these last years’ changes, it doesn’t surprise me. both my brother and i moved to different cities, so we’re not there with them and we don’t go there that often, though we try to see them from time to time in the course of the year. it’s just sad what the future holds for us sometimes.

camera: holga 120cfn
film: lomography color negative 100


6 thoughts on “my father

  1. I’m so sad to read about your Papa. It is very hard to watch our parents’ health deteriorate, and it’s made harder when we live far from them :(
    Hold on tight to those happy memories

    • hello there sweet friend! thank you for your thoughts! that is exactly what i do, i think of him the way he used to be before all these happenings, not much about the person he is now. it’s actually easier this way, as they’re far! take care!!

  2. Such lovely memories that you have of your father. Thank you for sharing them with us. I’m so sorry to hear about his condition. It is sad. My step-father passed away last October; he had renal cancer. We were close, and I loved him very much. Like you, I too, lived far from my parents. To see his health deteriorate was tough. My heart goes out to you.

    • hello there! thank you so much for your thoughts as well as wishes! i’m so sorry to hear that you went through such a rough time with your step dad. though we know that by natural order of things our parents will go first, we are never prepared for that moment or in my case we always hope for them to age gracefully!

  3. awww dear I had no idea, you’re dad seems to be such a good dad! I have no doubt you had such a happy childhood specially with him around. That’s the memories you’ll never forget. It’s very hard because although we know we are never prepared. best wishes my dear

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