the fisheye lens

so two years ago i was thinking about my birthday gift from mr twiggs (yes, i got to pick back then!) and i thought about buying a  fisheye lens for my holga! well, i got the lens but it didn’t work that well, because after taking a few photos with it, i didn’t fall for it as i thought i would! as much as i love the squared format coming out of the holga, it’s a small image, if i place the fisheye lens in front of my holga, images come out even smaller and the effect didn’t amuse me that much. of course i may need another try on different conditions!

last year, i was preparing myself for another walk with mr kobe and i was taking the yashica with me. i thought about trying the fisheye lens to see if it fitted and it did! these were some of the results! of course, there was as huge black frame around it, so i cropped that part for this post! i kind of like the dreamy, blurry effect around the circle.

in some prepared way, this can actually look cool on a photo session, to add a little dreamy effect… i might give it a try again afterwards! the things i’m learning with this blog! i get to go through my archives and see those same pictures with a different set of eyes!

so how about you? what have been your experiments with film photography? something you’d like to share?

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak gold 200


2 thoughts on “the fisheye lens

  1. Hi!
    I’d like to start using one of the several cameras that belong to my father and I’m pretty obsessed with the Rolleiflex. But I’m bad at exposining without the helpful metering system inside my digital Nikon D90 and I’m scared that my analogical photos will be a complete disaster! I still have difficulties understanding how to balance ISO, shutter speed and aperture, and I don’t know how to solve the problem.

    • hello eleonora, thank you for your comment! well, i can just tell you to read a bit about those things, play a bit with them on your digital, so that you may learn and work with those faster on film, without ruining many rolls. i can give you some advice on your film cameras, which is take notes when you take the pictures. this way when you get the pictures you can look at your notes and try to understand what happened, for good or bad. regarding the metering system, i don’t know your camera, mine needs a small battery, which i bought online. if you don’t really have a metering system and if you’re shooting without having your digital with you at the time, you may want to practice a lot and you’ll learn how to deal with settings on your film camera by just looking at the available light. good luck and enjoy that adventure!

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