happy fence friday

it all began with flickr and their happy fence fridays! it gave me a whole different notion about fences and to be always looking for a pretty one! the thing is that i’ve been lousy in editing and uploading those fences, maybe that’s because film is so great, you don’t edit! at least i don’t! actually the great master jonathan canlas told that on an interview on my other blog. i asked him what did he do after a wedding and he said “nothing! that’s the beauty of film… it’s done!”

so and how about you? do you edit your film photos after developing and scanning?

ps. you can also follow me on flickr!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak ektar 100


2 thoughts on “happy fence friday

  1. film never!
    and even digital I hardly edit!
    I know you can get beautiful effects with editing (you certainly do) but I’m quite a purist (a nice word to say: lazy!)

  2. ah i missed this comment somehow! yes, i never edit film either, i’ve tried though, when i started to get my scans and i wasn’t falling for them. i tried to recreate what i thought should be the ektar 100 mood! but i failed miserably and the results would be something like if i had been playing with the chemicals themselves! weird! regarding the digital, well i cannot edit, it’s in me, even when i take photos and i love them on camera, when i import them to lightroom, they are not the same, so let’s get going on the editing! it’s fun, i love how it can changes an image into something that’s on my head… it’s like my canvas using reality!

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