hello there!

it was a year ago… i asked mr twiggs to take this as i had everything ready on the camera! but back then i didn’t quite get much about apertures and speed, so it’s just a photo of me in alfama, lisbon! i really liked that yellow necklace, until our dog placed his paw on it and broke it. back then i used a different photo lab to develop and scan the images and now that i have seen so much about portra film, i think that when they scanned this film, they made it look a bit like portra. soft colours, low contrast… i like it very much! or i should try this simple kodak gold again!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak gold 200


5 thoughts on “hello there!

  1. Hello lovely, you look great!
    One of the things I enjoy most about shooting film is how much of a learning experience it is. I am still learning new things all the time. You must find it makes your digital skills much better too, yes?
    As for Portra, I have shot with it 5 times now with it and I don’t like it! I tried 2 rolls last summer and found them too yellow and too lacking in detail. But because everyone raves about it so much (and I regretfully dipped into our money to buy Jonathan Canlas’ book where he goes on and on about it) I bought another 3 rolls for my Marseille trip. Again I’m terribly unimpressed, and I truly wish I’d used ektar instead. But I also like Superia film more than kodak gold. I think where you live/climate/quality of light must have a huge impact on the way a certain film behaves, not to mention labs different processes.
    If you like this processing, perhaps you should go back to this lab again :)

    • hello my good friend! thank you so much for your comment! you always make me think about things in a different perspective, like questioning myself about my experiences in film! i think about you a lot because of that post you wrote about not liking the canon ae-1, because i’d love to own that camera and yet, i’ve been always pushing myself back in buying one, because i truly love my yashica! and i need to get around with it even more, just like my holga! by the way i went on vacations last week, i took all my cameras (just 3, not that many anyway) and i took portra 160 120mm with me, cannot wait to see the results! i never shot not-lomography-films in my holga, except the expired ones!

  2. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing if I sometimes confuse you! (I think Yashicas are gorgeous cameras, and I’m very sad mine is broken)
    The point I was trying to make about the Canon, and I think the same is true of filmstock too, is that you have to search to find what YOU like, what get’s you the results you are happy with and not to make choices based on seeing what other photographers use. If the Yash makes you happy, stay with it and keep on producing the great results you have achieved with it!
    Anyway everyone else has an AE-1, be different; don’t join the party :-))
    I recently met a man on top of Cité Radieuse in Marseille and he let me shoot a picture with his Hasselblad, my dream camera.I had the Canon around my neck and he was telling me what fantastic cameras they are and how he still uses his a lot, but I STILL don’t feel the love! It just does not help me achieve the look I’m after, although I can admire pictures taken by many others using one.
    It will be very interesting to see if you love the portra photos in your holga too :)

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