the ruined image i love

the colours in this image drive me crazy… i love the bursting red and oranges, as i love the softness in the upper part.

do you delete these “ruined” images or do you keep them?

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak gold 200


8 thoughts on “the ruined image i love

  1. I keep them! Even those piles of photos full of grain and dust… Damn film! If it’s 400ASA it’s too grainy if I used 100ASA the same happens and they get darker… Downside of analogue, you can’t change from one type of film to another according to the light you have in the moment :/

  2. Delete? Well, in my case it’d be more correct to say that I didn’t scan them. But I’m setting it right and just few weeks ago I’ve started to scan frames at the beginning and end of each roll. I’ve been inspired by the work of Tacita Dean I saw at Tate last winter.

    • well, you can also say scan, for the exact same reasons, you find them not too good and then you don’t scan them. but on the other hand, these seem to be so different and unexpected from all the others, that i think it’s quite worth the scanning! sometimes there are such beautiful surprises! and now i need to check that artist!

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