the botanical garden

i have a botanical garden next to my house, well actually i have two. one is exotic and the other one is… a regular botanical garden? yes, it might be it! and there is another one in lisbon, but i never shot film there. maybe i need to do that in the mean time! so i love to go there sometimes just to relax and to take pictures of the flowers blooming and everything that it’s so typical about the botanical gardens, like greenhouses and vases. a few weeks ago my laptop was having a tantrum, deciding not to work, so i was the one deciding to go for a walk and finish my roll of film!

i absolutely love this greenhouse! every time i’m here i feel like taking a whole new set of pictures… it’s so dreamy, so green, so old! the iron gate, the broken windows, the ivy growing up the walls and windows. magical! i can only hope i can have some photo sessions here! oh please, please clients of mine, give me this pleasure!! just keep looking and tell me if this ain’t to die for?

and this yellow path was so beautiful. it was shut to visitors, because if i’m not wrong this will lead to the backyard of the president’s house. but i stretched a little to put the camera after the gate and focused to the yellow path! oh heaven! another treat for a photo session!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak ektar 100


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