what is your favourite season to take photos? some say spring and summer are the best, others swear by their cameras, fall and winter are magical. what do you think? i love the mid-seasons, fall and spring and i feel come comfort when winter arrives. as i feel some relief when summer arrives as well, but i may get tired of summer faster than i get tired of winter. it took me around 30 years to get that! have a lovely summer day!

ps. i absolutely love that slight flare on the seagulls photo… i imagine this printed in a huge size over a white bed! wouldn’t this be so soothing?

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak gold 400


8 thoughts on “blue

  1. I love your last photo. It gives the impression of the sky and sea meeting (left side of photo) and then parting (right side of photo). Simply lovely.
    For me, the early budding of spring and the full blanket of winter snow are special times to capture images.

    • oh thank you!! i absolutely love reading what other feel about my pictures!!! i love the first one with the sky and the one with the tower and bell!

  2. Oh, I forgot to say, I think early in spring, with all the beautiful spring flowers eventually arrives after a looooong cold winter…..
    And the autumn is so very very beautiful, all the wonderful colours, and then the beautiful trees when they lost the leaves to the ground, kinda sad but so fragile and beautiful…..
    In summer I find it sometimes hard to make good photos, don’t know why, but it is almost too green…

    • oh i understand what you say about summer! i think that during summer i prefer to take to things that are bright and crystal clear, like the skies, or the beach, i love a little bit of overexposed photos, so i try to work with the sun that way to get the results i want! during spring everything is awaking after winter right? it’s such a special season!!

  3. Love that beach! when I first went back to shooting with film I used to love taking bright, summer pictures. Nowadays I’m much more prolific in the autumn, and love to shoot b&w in the winter months.

    • yes, i also remember what i liked to shoot when i started with film, i’d shoot trees against the sky, how typical! but they still amaze me sometimes!! :)

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