really expired film, like really

… i mean like from 2006!

maybe i could consider these as a series of abstracts? yeah, maybe i’ll do that! i’m not sure if the extreme lack of focus comes from the expiration date fact or if when changing from a full-frame to a holga, my hands get shaky from the lack of weight! anyway, i think i’ll stop ordering expired film for a while now!

ps. in the second frame, that is a double exposure, with rocky mountains near the ocean and some flowers! and the third frame is also a double exposure. i always expect my face to be clearer, but i think that i have always shot things first and my face secondly, and maybe i need to do it the other way! have you played a lot with multiple exposures?

camera: holga 120cfn
film:  fujifilm nph 400 (expired in 2006)


10 thoughts on “really expired film, like really

  1. I think your photos are so very beautiful! It is one of the beautiful things with film, for me anyway, that time makes me kinda forget what I was expecting, and it makes it easier to see what the photo really is. When I had my digital cam, it was just hit the delete button, without thinking. :-((((
    Film is wonderful! Your photos are truly great!

    • oh whow marie, thank you so much for your amazing comment! that is so good to know! well, definitely you should try analogue! it’s works so much on your patience and on to wait for the right moment, instead of thinking that you have these many memory cards… you know? have a lovely day and i hope you can come back for more!

    • ah obrigada!!! sim tens toda a razão, mas pronto, tenho de voltar a pôr uns 120mm não-expirados na sra dª holga, que ela já nem se lembra do que isso é :)

  2. no, dont stop ordering the expired film, its amazing. I would say that you might have had it accidently on the bulb setting if anything, thats usually the abstract results that I get when I do that. Don’t give up on expired film yet :)

    • ah you’re right, i won’t give up yet, but i’ll just be buying proper film for a couple of months and then go back to expired! oh and for the record, holga was on bulb… i would never guess that! i was really thinking that all that blur was from the expired film!!! oh my goodness!!

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