mr kobe is our dog

most of you that read my other blog knows that i have a dog, he’s a year and a half now, and it has been the joy of the house! just like having a baby (and please parents out there, don’t throw anything at me, but having no kids, this is the closest i can get), we focus on his needs, and when we’re not at home we often talk about him, wondering what he’s doing at home while we ‘re not around. when we were away in new york for three weeks last christmas, he was left with his vet, who has a pet hotel for her clients. and we were always talking about him, what would he be doing at that time of the day!

as i work from home, i’m the one who walks him every time and these were taken on an afternoon walk in june! during summer he always does this, which is laying down chewing something just so that we don’t leave the park soon! and this last one… oh my i couldn’t resist! he simply grabbed this huge stick and after trying to take it with him, which he did it for a couple of meters as it was huge and heavy, he simply laid down and started to chew it… in the middle of the sidewalk! these are the times in which i’m really sorry for not having an iphone, i would have emailed this to mr twiggs right away!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak ektar 100


2 thoughts on “mr kobe is our dog

  1. ohhh I totally understand what your saying. a pet is also part of the family, and nowadays for many young couples the closest we have to a sun. :) Good photos as always

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