a walk in june

[now look at that, we changed the look again! i’m so sorry for all mood changes, i actually loved the other template, but i couldn’t deal with the small width of the images. i had once changed the template exactly for that reason and then i fell into that trap again! i will always want to see my images wide enough to see the details, don’t you agree with me? ok, let’s move on and hope for this template to stay at least until fall, ok? nice!]

i cannot have enough of these colours! after coming back from a short break, i realized that i still had a brand new roll of 35mm, so i needed to take my yashica outside! taking walks with mr kobe during spring and summer is absolutely delicious (well if we avoid these really hot days) and on this day i focused on flowers. i usually walk on a very pretty quarter full of family houses, trees, flowers and some dogs as well! it was overcast, but sometimes the sun decided to appear…

i especially like the second one… i stretched all over the fence to take this high enough and to catch some flare! i love these flowers so much, particularly when they mix the pink and orange kinds! and by the way, i also thanked my photo lab for the kindness in trying to figure out the best to scan my images, according to my taste! i’m in love with these pastels and soft tones of this film!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak ektar 100


2 thoughts on “a walk in june

  1. I like this template waaaay better! yay for change! I’m itching to change mine too, but I haven’t had it that long, plus I don’t have the time right now…. maybe in winter.

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