here comes the sun…

i always loved this song by nina simone.

this is a part of this roll of film, with which i had so many issues when scanning. after complaining about the much pixelated images i had on my cd, they scanned it again and they delivered a whole different version with saturated colours and much higher contrast than the previous version. then i took some time, waited for another roll of film to be developed and scanned and talked to them, asking them to explain me the reason why the second version of the scanning was so different from the previous, and why it looked exactly the same as the other roll, which was actually a different kind of film? they had to be doing something in particular, because i was having different films looking the same, and no magic there about the colours, the light or contrast. and if i wasn’t seeing any difference, why buy this film or the other in the first place, if when scanning they would all look the same?

so as i had taken the developed films and cd’s they could see what i was talking about and they tried something different to see if i was pleased this time. they were actually great, because though the third version was not as soft as the first version, it was softer then the second one and i liked it. now they know my preferences and they’ll do things in order to keep me happy and this my friends, is an excellent customer service!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak ektar 100


3 thoughts on “here comes the sun…

    • fiquei tão baralhada com o teu comentário que nem imaginas! não falei em portra e fiquei a matutar “portra? mas eu não fotografei nada com portra, nem falei nele!” :):) de qualquer forma, estas foram tiradas com o ektar 100! e quanto ao portra ainda ontem comprei uma caixa de 5 rolos! compro sempre na João Sousa Valles aqui perto de casa, tem os Portra todos que tu quiseres!!!

      • Pronto, eu tenho o grave problema de pensar em várias coisas ao mesmo tempo e de querer “dizê-las” todas de uma só vez. Depois baralho toda a gente! :D Próxima vez que for a Lisboa tenho de cuscuvilhar bem as lojas de fotografia!

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