a gloomy day and expired film

[if you’re reading this on your email, you better get here to see the renovated house, and yes, i’m always looking for a change and it’s no promise that this will look like this for quite long. but i do love it now!]

oh it’s been a while since i last wrote something here, but it wasn’t that i abandoned this blog, or because i haven’t shot film, only because i have been living such a busy life lately. and i was on vacations for a week and i bet you know the fuss about getting everything done before you go on vacations and the fuss when you return from vacations! so here i am again for a little story about a gloomy day and my beloved friend holga.

my love for expired film continues… the fact is that i love film photography because i have to wait, i have to think more about each image, because i can only imagine the result but will have to wait for the true result. i love lomography for its light-weight responsibility, for the wait to see the results, for the unexpected results you get, it’s because you never know. well, and i love expired film because of the above reasons and because here it’s even more unexpected, because you never know how the film is, what colours will it reveal, light leaks, dust or blur…. it’s a total surprise. and if in the past i have seen really bright, but blurred magic, now i noticed some ghostly feeling or romantic even. this last one if more of a haunted place and the others more on the romantic side.

ps. i totally love the vignetting in some kind of purple! wow, who knew?

camera: holga 120cfn
film:  kodak ektarcolor 160 professional (expired nov 2010)


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