a wedding + 3 cameras

oh whow, so many cameras, but we had so much fun and i felt like someone really empowered because i had the digital canon, the yashica and the holga on my neck, using each one as i felt like. the bride and the groom wanted mostly digital photos, but also to play a little with the others and as they were in charge that day, i just played along and felt so darn happy to do it so! it was very special for me to be present on that day!

as i love to experiment with different films and try different things, often feeling surprised by the final results, i took an expired fuji velvia 50 with me. the results ended up a bit blurry, but i do love this one. i loved the chair, to begin with and i loved the light and the tropical mood. we had two cameras to work with, so no fuss with these results. these were exactly for that… to play, to create different worlds, to dream… i’m leaning towards some unconventional approach regarding weddings and such ceremonies! well, if you’re feeling related with this approach and have something in mind, do write me! i’m all ears!

camera: holga 120cfn
film: fuji velvia 50, expired 2007


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