from 120mm to 35mm

whoever has a holga has read somewhere about the modification to use a 35mm film, as holgas usually need 120mm. it’s easy to do and the results are kind of cool, if you’re needing something different to boost your creativity! you won’t change your holga into a 35mm for good, so it’s an easy trick to try once in a while. you can read this in order to help you out with this process! and don’t forget to pay attention to the clicks when you’re advancing your film, because unlike the lomo 120mm film, this one won’t tell you when you need to stop for a new frame. i used a dvd water-resistant pen to make a mark on the holga and used it as a reference.

you can keep producing your double exposures, and the cool effect i was talking about is the image that goes beyond the sprockets. and that is so nice… for the creative self that actually likes lomography, of course! i can think of huge list of people that wouldn’t find this interesting at all.

so what do you think? are you into the modifications on the holga, or haven’t tried anything yet? i’ll buy more 35mm to do this again! the other nice aspect is that you’ll have 36 exposures, instead of the usual 12 or 16! yay!

camera: holga 120cfn
film: lomography film x-pro 200 (slide film)


4 thoughts on “from 120mm to 35mm

  1. I LOVE it! The tones, and all in all the ‘raw’ look of it! Sweet!

    wish you loads of fun with you Holga :)

    • thank you so much!! i always have fun with my holga, sometimes i just take a while to realize and “understand”… and cherish the results, such random results really! have a great week!

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