doors & windows

this is such a cliche, but the thing is that i live in lisbon and we have such charming old doors and windows, in the most amazing colours (not cuba amazing, but really cool as well!), so it’s a shame if i don’t capture them with my cameras! i need others to know that we have such beautiful doors and windows, the old ones… the rusty ones… but so very charming!

all next to me in a matter of minutes. lucky me, right? and i just discovered them after having a dog, because as i need to walk with him at least three times a day, i got to explore my neighbourhood, and ended finding these treasures!

what is your most adored cliche? come on, i want to know!!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak ektar 100


3 thoughts on “doors & windows

  1. These are lovely, the textures are very appealing! I’m a bit of a sucker for doors and windows too, and have a set on my hard drive I’ve yet to upload :)
    My weakness used to be washing lines. Oh yes and circus tents (which I still seek out), horses and carousels!

    • oh my friend, you have a lot of weaknesses!!! ;) but i do understand, when something gets so appealing for us, we just want to capture it one more time, because that one is different!!! i also love washing lines!!

  2. These pictures are amazing! My favourites are the first and last images, I love the shapes and compositions. To me this isn’t a cliche at all. I come from Norfolk, England amongst the cows and the fields so I hardly ever come across such wonderful sights! However my ‘cliche’ would be peeling paint!! I just love the idea of revealing and discovering different layers.

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