having a business and answering questions

every time i would buy another roll of film for the holga, and i would do that once every two months in the beginning, i would try to understand a little bit more about the differences between films, but i wouldn’t be really successful as i would always find someone that was not thrilled to explain these things to me. which actually bothers me, because if they’re running a business, shouldn’t they care about their customers and possible doubts? i always thought so…

and when i’m asking questions and i realize that i’m bothering that person, i just make that face “oh yes, i see!” and pay for what i was buying and leave. so only a couple of months ago i got to realize that slide film has an option of being developed using the cross-process, making the colours more vibrant and a bit saturated. just like these…

these are so summerish, aren’t they? i kind of like the saturation, but to be honest i  kind of avoid it right now. we all search for our style as we develop new skills, and now that i understand clearly where those colours come from, i know that according to my taste, i’ll probably not choose this kind of development for my films that soon!

camera: holga 120cfn
film: lomography x-pro 200 120mm


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