spring walks & botanic gardens

one of my favourite things to do on my neighbourhood is to visit both botanic gardens i have up and down the street. one is considered a regular botanic garden and the other one is the tropical one. so, in a matter of minutes i can be in two places where there is always a lot of delightful details to capture and i’m also able to relax, because usually these are quite peaceful and quiet. last weekend i took my film camera with me and decided to try my new film – kodak ektar 100.

i think that maybe these three last ones are my favourites! i was a bit disappointed though when i looked at the scans on the cd. i always ask in the lab for the cd and no prints. but i think i’ll ask for some prints this time and scan them myself. i need to check the quality in hand of this film! because i might have something special to share in a couple of weeks! stay tuned!

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak ektar 100


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