lisbon in film

you know, i spent a long time just shooting without even understand what aperture meant. having a point-and-shoot didn’t help, and as i got the yashica before i upgraded to the dslr, the lens i had and the way to work with the aperture and iso was kind of pure luck most of the times. after spending several weeks looking for the correct battery for the light meter (and finally ended up ordering it online from a shop in the uk), i didn’t quite realize that changing apertures and iso would affect the amount of light getting inside my camera. and less i understood that the blurred background effect would be attained with a wider aperture. all i did was check the light meter, change the aperture and shoot.

but even if i didn’t understand the concept of aperture back then (these were taken in the spring of 2011), i kind of like these ones… i’m not sure if it is for the sunny day, or the flowers, or both… but i do like these.

how about you? what was your photography knowledge when you started shooting around?

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: fujifilm superia 200


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