moving on to 35mm film

and then one day i won an auction on ebay, my very first real attempt to win a thing on ebay and to be honest i think i nailed the trick! you just need to wait until the very last second and bid! most chances are you’ll win! so this beauty came from germany (with love, of course!) to my doorstep in lisbon! and when it arrived i experienced the heavy weight of an old 35mm camera! carrying this camera on my neck is not nearly as easy as it is with the holga (this one is all plastic!).

as i bought this before i upgraded to a dslr, i was fascinated with the lens! the yashica tl electro x came with a 28mm f2.8 yashinon and though i could see a lot of dust through the viewfinder, and i kind of felt disappointed with my “new” camera, photos came out clear, and i was back to happy!

i bought some random film from fujifilm on my local photo lab and started shooting around my neighbourhood. i pretty much enjoyed the colours, though i recognize this ain’t the best film ever!

so do you have any film cameras around? and what film do you use? do you have any favourites?

camera: yashica tl electro x
film: kodak superia 200


3 thoughts on “moving on to 35mm film

  1. Lovely shots. I only use film, and I tried digital for about six months. But the satisfaction of using analogue cameras and developing your own material cannot compare with the digital world.

    • loved the part “and i tried digital for about six months!” yes, you’re right there is this satisfaction and anxiety while waiting for the results! i still don’t develop my own material, but i really love the joy of looking at things for the first time!

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