light leaks & black/white film

so, for all of you who knows a little bit about lomography, one of the characteristics are the light leaks. which is easy to understand as these cameras are made of plastic, even the lens is plastic. so, you might have to do something if you don’t love that characteristic. i actually don’t love it that much, but fortunately my holga is not much of light “leaker”. as they say on wikipedia if you search for light leak “within the lomography movement it is seen as a positive effect, giving photos character.”

this one above has more light leaks than the others and came out a bit darker than i expected! but i like it anyway! it’s so typical with the two ladies talking and selling flowers in the middle of the street.

camera: holga 120cfn
film: lomography b&w 100 120mm


6 thoughts on “light leaks & black/white film

  1. love the prints! there’s nothing like b&w right! there’s nothing like holga either… :)
    today i’ve finally got my b&w film!!! tomorrow you can have a sneak pick on my photoblog.

    really nice pictures!

  2. Depending on the photo, light leaks work really well, but I know what you mean. I’m personally not too much of a fan either, but I love the affect it has in the last 3 photos!

  3. These make for a really pleasing series – personally I love the qualities of lomography, light leaks and all! Thank you for sharing…
    Best wishes,

    • thank you so much susie!!! :) yes, lomography is really cool, i want to be able to share the coolness of lomography without people associating that it has to do with a certain kind of photography, that often people dislike! so happy that you enjoyed these ones!!! have a great saturday!

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