the expired film

a few months ago, i mean, really long ago i bought from ebay a roll of expired 120mm ilford fp4. that should have been used until 2007. it was my first experience, and to be honest i had no idea what to expect. well, we never know what to expect when we talk about holgas, right? but even if i could only take 16 frames, it took me forever to finish it! and don’t ask me why, i just wanted to do something pretty with it. i wanted to capture something that would be worthwhile to be captured with my expired film! and then i finished it and had it developed.

and you know what? though some of them were really crappy (a few were completely out of focus, and being b/w, they look like nightmares), these were some of my favourites and i really love that some of them feature something i have no idea what is it. i notice some double exposures, but i can’t figure out what is exposed, but i do love the dreamy feeling about this!

and how about you? what is your experience with film? where do you get yours? have you tried any expired film?

camera: holga 120cfn
film: ilford fp4 120mm expired 2007


6 thoughts on “the expired film

  1. Yes, I tried an expired film last year and the results weren’t very satisfying but I think that was due to my lack of knowledge about ISO, shutter speed and aperture. And also because I shooted without a tripod :-/
    As a consequence many of them are out of focus, but a few are quite good. I’d like to upload them on the computer some day (btw, which tool do you use to scan your photos?).
    Moreover I still have LOTS of expired films. I have to find the time and the will to use them :)

    • oh yes, i’ve been there as well on the ignorance part :):) and now i also see some images that definitely needed some tripod as well!! and answering your question, i don’t use any tool, because i always go to the photo lab and ask for a cd with the scans, and no prints. if i really like any of the photos, i’ll ask to print! you need to start shooting with that film you have!!! :)

  2. My father gave me the first SLR camera he ever bought in 1977 some years ago and I’ve played with it on and off since, but haven’t really experimented. It desperately needs professional cleaning so until I get that done it sits in my bookshelf. Perhaps once I get the hang of using manual settings I’ll try expired film!

    • oh saturine, you should get that camera cleaned, so that you can try it and enjoy your time!! there’s something so magical about film… and you can learn so much! i just advise you to take notes, i’m really bad with my memory, so i need to take notes if i want to actually learn something! :)

  3. I have some expired 120 films in the fridge and I’m just waiting for the “right moment” to run one or two of them through my Diana – looking forward to it! Your suggestion to take notes is a wise one… thanks for sharing your images – the double exposure is particularly intriguing!
    Best wishes,

    • oh don’t wait for the “right moment”, it’s never the right one! do you know what i love? to buy some new film, and leave the house with my camera and explore the city again in the same places or new, but like if it was the first time! and of course, i will often find new things!!! it’s pure delight for me and a happy day!!! **

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