and so the story goes…

and this might have been one of my favorite rolls of film from my holga. oh and talking about film, at this point i was buying all my film on the lomographic embassy in lisbon and that i would either get the colour negative 100 film or the x-pro slide 200 film. if you are into stronger colours and contrast, this last one can be developed using the cross-process, therefore achieving those results. i’ll show those later!

so one of my favorites things to do is wandering through the streets of lisbon and if i can carry two of my cameras, i’ll be one happy girl! but the truth is sometimes carrying two cameras is two much for one girl! and as sometimes i run out of film, the digital wins! yes, bummer! i’ll try to change that this year!

i loved the double exposures effect on some of these, because turning the picture 90º you see the same without getting distracted with whatever is also in the picture. when i got this roll, i thought to myself “ok, now this will be fun!”. also back then i was stuck with a point-and-shoot and couldn’t afford a dslr, so this was my way of being more creative!

camera: holga 120cfn
film: colour negative 100 120mm


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