hello holga, how are you?

my first film camera on a decent age was a lomo camera, holga 120cfn, as a christmas gift by mr twiggs. we were dating for two months, christmas came and all he had listen me saying about something that he could actually by was one day “oh i love lomography, one day i’ll buy a camera!” and there he went! i started trying it on our first new year’s vacation together, that same year. to say it was a complete disaster is being nice… the photos i mean! those days were amazing!

we went to the southwest of portugal and visited the beaches along the coast. and the thing about being a disaster was this…

so what happened here? holgas come with a plastic piece in which you choose to take either squared photos or rectangular ones, which will give you room for 12 or 16 images, according to the size you chose. and then you need to change something on the back according to that choice, which i didn’t, so i had all pictures double exposed on the corners. a bit disappointing for a first roll, as you can see! but i didn’t give up after the 1st trial! how could i?

do you have any experience with lomography? which camera do you have? or would like to have?


2 thoughts on “hello holga, how are you?

  1. What lovely accidents! I think they turned out beautifully even though you hadn’t meant to achieve what was created. I can’t wait to see all that you create and share!

    • hello my dear friend! it’s so good to see you here!!! i feel really happy and moved by your presence! thank you for your lovely words on these “accidents”. i love the middle part where you can see the clear image, because i love beaches during winter time, i find them so beautiful with all that power from the sea. i always think i would love a beach house to be there in the winter with a fireplace! :) so romantic!

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